National Poetry Month

KUT is partnering with Kealing Middle School, Austin Bat Cave writing center, and Fulmore Middle School to celebrate National Poetry Month. This April, we’re airing poems written by Austin creative writing students.

The Old Queen

Apr 28, 2016

The fence snaps.

She would have ignored the hatchlings,

But they taunt her.

She taunts them back.

The coward tastes as bad as he smells.

She ignores the small things,

and instead works on stealth.

Eventually, Rebel challenges the queen.

She is destroyed.

Eventually, the small things come back.

She is given a den that is comfortable

and often a few offerings,

but it’s still only boredom that awaits her every day.

When Red One opens her cage,

she feels that something is going to happen.


Apr 28, 2016

Brought up

Feeling worthless, ugly ducklin

Some might say I’m crazy

Take it up with god my creator

That made me, I keep it in

The Church on the daily, One day

That word might save me.

I’ve been actin up lately. Can’t

Get my thoughts through.

Tossing and turning in my bed

All night trying to put up a

Really bad fight. People

Always judging me for who I

Am, well my name’s Jazmyne

Jolley, and that’s who I am

And If you don’t like it I don’t

Give a damn. Haters are my


Apr 28, 2016

Lights flashing everywhere, music turned up loud,

The band playing, the crowd bobbing

Their heads to the sound

And it quickly turns into headbanging.

Long, tangled hair flying everywhere like birds in the sky.

Fingers sliding across the fret board like bugs in the light.

Bass thumping away like toads on a log.

The crowd going crazy like a pack of wild dogs.

The band runs around the stage like excited children.

Hands reach up for high fives.

The arena a jumbled mass of screaming hands and hair


Apr 28, 2016

I must admit

That I’m surprised

That you looked on

As I almost compromised

The thing you’ve been working on

for all this time

I wonder why

you didn’t stop me


Apr 28, 2016

All I ever wanted was love

All I’ve ever gotten was hate

Taken from my Mama at birth

Envied, used and abused everyday

Papa my protector, never left me

been there since day one

Until age 13, God said it was his time to

come home.


Apr 28, 2016

I was eleven years old, riding in a cramped bus

On bumpy roads to Myanmar,

Then waiting with my mother

For a visa to America

While my father worked too hard

Without enough sleep and anxious

For the reunion with his family.

What can I say to express

these images with words on this page?

From Myanmar to America, it was my first time

Riding in one those giant strange flying vehicles.

Where I used to live, seeing an airplane

Always made me smile,

Something from another world


Apr 15, 2016

Read by Jodi Egerton

The aqua blue ocean reflecting

Off his mysterious emotional

Eyes. His neutral facial expression

Striking like lightning bolts.

Something has caught his attention.

A side of him is wondrous as

Falling is not Breaking

Apr 15, 2016

Read by Ebony Stewart

Your Fairy Tale

Apr 14, 2016

Read by Owen Egerton

Kings and Queens and fairy tales,

once upon a times

with princesses in royal castles

and trolls in dangerous dungeons -

all have happily ever afters -

all have hope, joy, and miracles.

All choose their destinies

The Immigrants

Apr 14, 2016

Read by David Fruchter

The man

The birds

They stand



Who they are.

They journeyed

to a new land


No friends

No family.

They watch.

Bird flies

Man walks

Driving to School

Apr 14, 2016

Read by Rabbi Neil Blumofe

Driving along in the morning sun,

The streets are already full of cars,

Window down, wind whistling in my ear

I can hear the leaves and concrete crack

As my car’s tires roll over them.

My English Teacher

Apr 14, 2016

Read by Zell Miller III

My English teacher is a historian:

She tells me how to write about

the Civil War, World War II,

the French Revolution, Pearl Harbor.

Why does she care so much?

My English teacher is a stalker:


Apr 14, 2016

Read by Ebony Stewart

I write other people’s love stories

Like I don't have one of my own.

I wait for other people to stop talking

Before saying I love you.

I have my troubles

But feel other people’s problems are more important.

Life in a Day

Apr 6, 2016

Read by Owen Egerton

A chapter in life

is more valuable than

a day in your crazy paradise.

A day outside your comfort zone is

the most fantastic time.

A day in your comfort zone

is a boring day.

Get out of your comfort zone

West Texas Winds

Apr 6, 2016

Read by Shawna Butler

There is no food in Marfa, Texas,

or so it seems,

you have to bring your own

so my aunt brought yerba mate

and we ran on caffeine energy

for most of the trip,

drinking our tea

around the crackling fire

Day Dreaming

Apr 6, 2016

Read by Jodi Egerton

Behind closed eyelids…

She is an astronaut

Walking on the moon,

Astonished by the lightness

Of her steps.

She is the lone survivor

Of a zombie apocalypse

Alone and scared, but determined.


Apr 6, 2016

Read by Rabbi Neil Blumofe

The children's footsteps,

The crying and laughter,

reminded me I was one them,

crying and laughing,

eating sugary cereal,

making a mess.

I was one of them, in the past,

and never will be again.


Apr 6, 2016

Read by Ebony Stewart

My life they would never understand.

I’m happy and enjoying every moment,

Make It

Apr 1, 2016

Read by Zell Miller III

Started from the bottom as a

Hustling teen trying to come up to

Live in the dream. I came from the

Hood but that don’t define me. You

Say you don’t like me well guess

What I’m not here to please you.

Puzzle Pieces

Apr 1, 2016

Read by Shawna Butler


I am missing pieces.

I collect them everywhere, but I’m




And then it presents itself, as fast as wind on a stormy night.

Just a glimpse, but it’s enough.