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1:13 pm
Wed February 13, 2013

Four Loko Cans Will Now Make Clear They're Loaded With Alcohol

Popular fruit-flavored malt liquor Four Loko
Haraz Ghanbari AP

Originally published on Fri February 15, 2013 11:32 am

Cans of the popular flavored malt beverage Four Loko will soon sport an "Alcohol Facts" label to make it plain they pack a potent punch.

The changes are part of a final settlement announced Tuesday between the Federal Trade Commission and Phusion Projects, whose products have been blamed for hospitalizations and deaths among young people.

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4:41 pm
Fri November 19, 2010

TABC Weighs in on Four Loko

Retailers will not give credits to stores to help get the drink off their shelves.
Photo Courtesy of Kyle James

The Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission (TABC) has finally weighed in on caffeinated alcoholic beverages such as Four Loko, the soon-to-be-altered caffeinated alcoholic beverage that refuses to ride into the world of forgotten novelty. From the TABC’s press release on Friday:

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4:09 pm
Thu November 18, 2010

University of Texas Students React to Four Loko Ban [VIDEO]

With Four Loko effectively banned by the FDA, how are college students reacting? KUT News hit the UT campus to find out.
Photo by Nathan Bernier for KUT News

The Food and Drug Administration issued a warning yesterday to the makers of potent caffeinated alcoholic drinks like Four Loko. The New York Times says the FDA warned them to remove the caffeine in 15 days or stop selling the products.

These popular bevearges are marketed heavily at college students. KUT News took a stroll outside our studios and talked to some undergrads about their impressions regarding the ban. Check out the video below.

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4:36 pm
Wed November 17, 2010

U.S. Government Not Cool With Alcohol-Caffeine Combo

The FDA has banned the combination of alcohol and caffeine in the aftermath of several incidents.
Photo Courtesy of Jon Raedle

Four Loko-lovers may need to start looking for the next alcoholic fad as "blackout in a can" is changing its formula.  The move comes in response to the considerable heat brought by the U.S. government following several incidents across the country involving the alcohol and caffeine-infused drink.

The federal government warned four companies that manufacture caffeine-spiked booze products to stop selling the drinks or deal with the threat of litigation and seizure of assets. The companies have 15 days to comply with the Food and Drug Administration-penned (FDA) letter.

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News Brief
5:28 am
Wed November 17, 2010

Top Morning Stories November 17, 2010

The makers of Four Loko have announced plans to pull the caffeine out of their caffeinated alcoholic drinks.
Photo courtesy of Kyle James,

Back to Class in RRISD Following Bomb Threat

Students at Deerpark Middle School and Live Oak Elementary School in the Round Rock Independent School District are having classes as usual today.  The schools were evacuated yesterday after a bomb threat was made on the Internet. Superintendent Dr. Jesus H. Chavez posted this update online last night:

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3:33 pm
Mon November 15, 2010

Car Crash in North Texas Being Linked to Four Loko

Four Loko shares the shelves with other caffeinated alcoholic beverages like Joose, that haven't attracted the same negative publicity.
Image courtesy Kyle James

The national hysteria over the caffeinated alcoholic beverage Four Loko is reaching a fever pitch with bans looming or already enacted in Boston, New York, Michigan, Washington state, and Pennsylvania.

Now there's speculation that the controversial drink may have been consumed by the driver of an SUV that crashed and killed a 14-year-old girl in North Texas, reports My Fox Dallas-Fort Worth:

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