After the 2012 Imagine Austin plan, the City of Austin began efforts to revamp its land development code in a process called CodeNEXT. The new code will tell us what can be built and where in Austin, and will likely determine how the city will look for decades to come. 

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Montinique Monroe for KUT

A petition to put rewrites of Austin’s land development code, including CodeNEXT, to a public vote was deemed valid by the City Clerk on Monday.

Audrey McGlinchy / KUT

Activists filed a petition with the City Clerk on Thursday in an effort to put all land development code rewrites, including CodeNEXT, to a public vote.

Gabriel C. Pérez / KUT

The Austin City Council is trying to figure out how the latest draft of the proposed land development code, known as CodeNEXT, could shape the future of affordable housing.

Audrey McGlinchy / KUT

An anti-CodeNEXT group says it has enough signatures to ask residents whether they should have the right to vote on major changes to Austin's land development code.