Program Sponsorships

The Benefits of KUT/KUTX Sponsorship

Hundreds of Business Sponsors come together to provide nearly 60% of funding for local news on KUT and music programming on KUTX.  These sponsors’ significant support is acknowledged with 15-second announcements identifying their businesses and organizations and their products or services along with their contact information.

Business Sponsorship provides a unique opportunity for companies and organizations to become civically engaged, while supporting both philanthropic and marketing goals by: 

·         Reaching a large radio audience populated by people who are educated, creative, influential and socially engaged.  KUT generally ranks among the top 5 in per capita listening nationally among NPR news stations.  KUTX ranks second among NPR Music stations nationally.  Together the stations reach over half a million Central Texas listeners each month.

·         Targeting listeners with disposable income who support local businesses, buy green, are active -- attending music, arts and cultural events, participating in sports and fitness, embracing opportunities for life-long learning.

·         Sharing a straight forward branding or positioning message into an uncluttered and hype-free listening environment in which listeners are uniquely attentive to news, music and sponsor messages.

·         Touching listeners who are enthusiastically receptive to sponsorship messages because of the value they place on public radio programming.  

KUT & KUTX listeners recognize, appreciate, and welcome opportunities to support businesses and organizations who support public radio.     

Public Radio is also unique among local media in that it reaches a large concentration of professionals, business leaders and owners, technologists and members of the creative class – people who actively shape the future of our communities as opinion leaders, community organizers, early adopters and taste makers.

Learn more about the Business Sponsorship and the KUT/KUTX audience by requesting our media kit from or by calling our sponsorship team at (512) 471-8222.

KUT/KUTX Program Sponsorship Team:

·      Brian Benschoter < >, Manager, 512-471-8222

·      Jaime >,  512-471-0612

·      Jim Scarborough < >, 512-921-4000

·      Kelley Siliven < >, 512-232-9362

·      Juan Gonzalez < >, 512-475-8836

·      Karen Aalund < >, 512-475-9437

·      Michelle Cheney < >, 512-475-9553

·      Parrish Walker < >, 512-232-9695


Explore our roster of Business Members and Business Sponsors through our online KUT Directory and KUTX Directory of sponsors and business members – searchable by name, category and keywords. 

Request a custom proposal to become a Business Sponsor by copying and pasting the form below into an email to or by calling our sponsorship team at (512) 471-8222.

Information Request Form

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And now a few words from our sponsors…

“As KUT Sponsors, we benefit by having our name associated with KUT, and in return our customers thank us for supporting programming that is beneficial for the whole community.”

- Kisla Jimenez | Tesoros Trading Company

“We greatly value our  partnership with KUT & KUTX because they consistently deliver the numbers for our museum exhibits, IMAX special events and concerts – and the staff are talented professionals.” 

- Joan Marshall | Bullock Texas State History Museum 

“I buy a lot of media in Austin and love KUT & KUTX because they give me two things that are vital for ABC Home & Commercial Services:  I get the “Austin Lifestyle” consumer who’s proud of our city and actively seeks to buy from local companies that nurture and sustain our Austin quality of life.  Additionally, I get the well-educated consumer who appreciates, and can afford above average value from a service company.  It would be tough to convince me that any other radio stations in town do that better than KUT & KUTX.”

- Les Stobart, Director of Marketing | ABC Home & Commercial Services

“We have had great success in building our practice by sponsoring KUT.  The KUT audience is the perfect fit for our marketing investment.”

- Dr. Shannon Wong | Austin Eye Clinic

“KUT and KUTX sponsorships are a great fit for B2B products and services because you reach professionals who recommend products, services and partnerships … but you also connect with the investors, owners and C-level executives who approve purchases and deals.” 

- Chris Alghini, Owner and Director of Technology | Coolhead Tech, LLC

“Underwriting with KUT helped us connect to the Austin community and gave us credibility as an early-stage startup.”

- Heidi Farris, VP of Marketing | Bloomfire

“Since I have been a sponsor on KUTX, I have seen immediate positive impact in business, and I feel good about supporting the live music I hear each day on KUTX.”

- Jorge Garcia | Curra’s Grill & Senior Buddy’s

“As a provider of solar electric solutions, we seek an audience of environmentally aware and informed individuals. Our sponsorship of KUT is a perfect fit.”

- Andrew McCalla, Founder and CEO | Meridian Solar

“KUT & KUTX reach an audience that we desire — engaged, informed and aware. That’s a perfect combination for a business like ours.”

- Patrick Terry | P. Terry’s Burger Stand

“Sam Houston State has long offered a highly regarded master’s degree in criminal justice leadership and management on campus.  When we began to offer it online, we wanted the professional law enforcement community to know about it.   To get the word out in Austin, we turned to KUT exclusively.  The result was that we nearly doubled our enrollment goal in the first class.”

- Bruce Erickson, Director of Communications | Sam Houston State University

“Loyal customers, positive results, great value, friendly staff…why spend your marketing dollars anywhere else? We have thrived by marketing almost exclusively with KUT, and we will continue to grow our strong partnership for years to come.”

- Kitty Bird, Manager | Ten Thousand Villages

“KUT is one of the only two radio stations that we use.  We get great results year after year and would recommend it to anyone!  Thank you KUT!”

- Salila Travers and Rob Wheeler | Aztec Organic Pest Service

“I’m grateful to KUT for several reasons. When I first started Spanish Over Coffee, I had a very small budget, to say the least, and KUT came up with a sponsorship plan that worked and continues to work. I always feel like I’m working with people who are truly interested in our success.”

- Gena Vaughn, President / Owner | Spanish Over Coffee

“We feel so grateful that we were able to get sponsorship announcements on KUT.  Our classes were a huge success.  It couldn’t have been better. We appreciated the quick response, flexibility, and wonderful adaptation of our information into an audience-friendly announcement.”

- Cecille Marcato | Director of the Neill-Cochran House Summer Camp

“We had someone from Austin who heard our information on KUT visit the ranch on Saturday. It looks like he will be putting one of the lots under contract.  To have results like that in first few days of our sponsorship has far exceeded our expectations. We’re thrilled!”

- Audrey Tonneson | Rice Construction Company

“The decision to become a KUT Underwriter was the best public relations decision we ever made.”

- Nevic Donnelley | They Might Be Monkeys! Texas Tree & Land Co.