Who's Buying the Rick Perry Action Figure?

Jan 13, 2012

Rick Perry’s been immortalized in plastic.

Texas Public Radio reports that Texas governor and faltering Presidential candidate has been cast in plastic by a Connecticut-based boutique toy firm, Hero Builders. You can score a “Regular Man Rick Perry” for the low, low price of $39.95, or spring for the speaking “Executive” version of the Texas Governor for $69.95. (The doll “speaks” the infamous audio from Perry’s presidential debate where he couldn’t remember the third federal agency he would eliminate.)

Texas Public Radio notes Hero Builders principal Emile Vicale “was banking on a Perry popularity surge,” but with Perry’s low poll numbers, Vicale  is readying a Mitt Romney figure. The trickle-down effect of Perry’s poor primary performance has already been felt in Austin, with at least one book downgraded to self-publishing as book companies started backing away from Perry-related material.