Vince Young Encourages Teens to Go to College

May 4, 2012

UT Austin football great Vince Young is back in town today to promote higher education.

Young is the spokesperson for Generation Texas — a group that asked everyone to wear their favorite college t-shirt today in hopes of inspiring high school grads to pursue a college degree.

Young, of course, is sporting a Longhorns t-shirt. He spoke to students at Del Valle High School this morning and told KUT they seemed excited about the possibility of going to college.

"The stats of high school students going to college is real low right now. So, just to hear that, I call myself a big brother to them, to hear that coming out of their mouths the things that they're doing, applying themselves to go to college--it's beautiful to hear that," said Young.

56 percent of high school graduates in Texas enrolled in higher education in 2010. The national average is 70 percent.

Young re-enrolled at UT in 2008 to finish his degree in education.