Gabriel C. Pérez

LIVE: Texans Vote In First Post-Trump Primary

Texas voters headed to the polls today in the nation’s first primary election since Donald Trump was elected president. Turnout has been higher this election, compared to the last midterm primary in 2014 ­– especially among those voting in the Democratic primary. High-profile Texas Republicans – including incumbents Gov. Greg Abbott and Sen. Ted Cruz – have suggested that turnout could translate into more momentum on that side heading into November.

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Travis County Approves Apple Incentives Deal

May 1, 2012

The Travis County Commissioner’s Court has approved an incentives package for computing company Apple to expand operations in Austin.

As reported earlier today,Travis County is estimated to give Apple between $5.4 and $6.4 million dollars in tax rebates over 15 years. This comes on top of Austin's estimated $8.6 million in tax rebates over the next ten years, and the state's $21 million in incentives. In return, Apple says it will bring well over 3,000 jobs to the Austin area.

County commissioners said Apple should consider economically disadvantaged individuals for employment. However, that’s not stipulated as part of the contract’s requirement.

“We are happy to continue to partner with groups and programs that share our commitment to helping provide a diverse and qualified workforce,” said Jason Lundgaard, a local and state governmental affairs manager for Apple. “That’s something we are willing to do but I don’t think it’s appropriate to include as a performance metric in the deal.”

Lundgaard said Apple will not disclose its employment demographics or geographics. Travis County’s analysis suggests Apple could generate $15 million for the county over the next fifteen years.