Senator Wants Drunk Drivers to Wear Ankle Bracelet Booze Monitors

Dec 2, 2010

State Senator Jane Nelson filed this bill last month that would require some drunk driving offenders to wear alcoholic monitoring anklets, like the one actress Lindsey Lohan had to wear earlier this year.

The devices are already used widely across Texas, according to a July report from the Dallas Morning News, which says more than 500 courts have adopted alcohol monitoring anklets.

Judge Tracy Holmes, who runs a specialty DWI court in Dallas, said SCRAM is "one more tool" but "certainly not the silver bullet."

KVUE reported last winter that 100 such devices are already worn by offenders in Travis County.

Texas is currently the leading state to incorporate SCRAM into sentencing. Of the 11,000 offenders currently wearing SCRAM in the nation, 1,500 are in Texas.

Here's a video from the makers of the Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor (SCRAM) explaining how they work.