Listen: Austin Author Jeff Abbott on the Ins and Outs of His New Thriller 'Inside Man'

Jul 8, 2014

Good guys and bad guys are always easy to sort out in thrillers, right? Not so fast. In the murky waters of Jeff Abbott's latest novel Inside Man, the roles are not always so clear cut or easily defined.

Inside Man is Abbott's fourth novel about CIA-trained operative Sam Capra. In this novel, Capra declines to help a long-time family friend in trouble. When that friend is then murdered, Capra finds himself going inside a shady Miami family to try and avenge his friend's death.

Think Shakespeare's King Lear meets a thriller centered on Miami's shady, underground economy. That may sound like a far-out story, but Abbott says the novel is grounded in the very familiar territory of family, the roles we all play, and good vs. evil.  Ever been nervous meet the parents of your boyfriend or girlfriend? Listen to this interview for how that happens - in spades - in Inside Man.