Freezing Weather Causes Wrecks, Delays Trash Pick Up

Feb 9, 2011

It’s frigid and windy in Central Texas! Don't expected it to get any warmer today.  Daytime highs will only be about 30 degrees. A wind advisory is in effect until 6 this evening.  Austin got a little over a quarter of an inch of rain this morning, which froze on some overpasses and bridges.  Austin-Travis County EMS reports  they've responded to 44 crashes since this morning.  Most of them happened after 5 a.m.  EMS responded to 9 calls from people who’d fallen, some who slipped and fell on ice.

Trash collection for City of Austin customers has been postponed a day.  Collection originally scheduled for today will be picked up tomorrow, Thursday’s will be picked up Friday, and Friday’s collection will slide over to Saturday. 

The city says some of the robotic arms on the garbage trucks were freezing and malfunctioning while picking up trash bins this morning.  That caused some cans to get stuck in the back of the trucks.  Not too worry, the city says those bins will be replaced. You can call in a lost cart to 3-1-1.