The Daily Buzz at TIFF, Episode 1

Sep 14, 2015

The Daily Buzz returns to Toronto for the 40th anniversary of the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) and kicks off this edition of the show with a lively conversation with one of Australia's best directors, Gillian Armstrong. Her film Women He's Undressed is a featured documentary at TIFF, and she chats with Daily Buzz host John Wildman about Orry-Kelly, a Hollywood legend whose costume designs were adored by some of Hollywood's greatest leading ladies. 

Costume designer Orry-Kelly outfitted many actors in more than 200 films. Here he is pictured with Kay Francis.

Orry-Kelly was a costume designer on over 280 motion pictures and was the first Australian to win three Academy Awards. Armstrong gives us a behind the scenes look at the extraordinary life of Orry-Kelly, featuring interviews with Jane Fonda, Angela Lansbury, June Dally-Watkins, costume designers Catherine Martin and Leonard Martin, to name a few.