Austin, Don't Be Duped by This Phony Salvation Army Bell Ringer

Dec 4, 2012

The Austin Salvation Army is warning people to keep an eye out for imposter bell ringers after a man was spotted with a red kettle at the corner of Parmer and Metric yesterday.

The Salvation Army says bell ringers who are collecting money legitimately for the organization will have necessary signage and identification and won't be positioned on street corners. Instead, Salvation Army bell ringers are located at stores and malls.

An alert sent out by the Austin Salvation Army says the fake bell ringer appeared to have a homemade kettle. When a woman and her husband confronted the man, they say, he fled in a black PT Cruiser or similar vehicle.

The woman called police and the Salvation Army. And that's what the Salvation Army hopes others will do if they spot a possible imposter. The number to call is (512) 476-1111.

To avoid any confusion, you can always donate online at