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Several news outlets have reported that Devin Patrick Kelley, the suspect in a deadly mass shooting in Sutherland Springs, bought the weapon used in the attack from an Academy Sports and Outdoors store in San Antonio. Given Kelley’s history of domestic violence, some are saying he shouldn’t have been allowed to buy a firearm in the first place.

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From Texas Standard:

Federal law enforcement officials are concerned about what they believe is a new threat within the United States. It's not white supremacists or neo-Nazis, but another politically motivated group.

The agency says "black identity extremists" could be the next domestic terror threat.

But some say the FBI's move is less about law enforcement and more about Trump administration rhetoric and a history of tamping down minority political activism.

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The Texas Legislature has discussed the idea of raising the age of criminal responsibility during the two most recent sessions. It’s a topic that will be debated this weekend at the Texas Tribune Festival in Austin. Several proposals would consider treating 17-year-olds as juveniles, rather than adults, for purposes of criminal prosecution and sentencing. That change would align Texas with the majority of the country. Many proponents of such a change cite new research regarding cognitive development and lowered recidivism rates for offenders in the juvenile justice system. And there may be another reason making such a change could benefit the state.

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From Texas Standard:

Irma and Harvey delivered a one-two punch to two major airline hubs: Houston and Miami. We've heard a lot about the electrical grid, the impact on roads and infrastructure, but what effect did the hurricanes have on airline businesses?