How To Listen

How do you want to listen to KUT?

Listen to KUT on an FM radio
KUT transmits on 90.5 MHz from a 600-foot tall tower located approximately 8 miles west of downtown Austin at the University of Texas Bee Cave Research Center. KUT’s analog transmitter has an effective radiated power of 100,000 Watts, and can be received in most places out to about 40 miles from the tower.

Trouble with radio reception? There's more technical info here.

Listen to KUT with an HD Radio™
In order to receive KUT‘s digital services, you must obtain an HD Radio™ capable receiver. They are available from many online sources, including Amazon.

KUT’s HD Radio signal contains two audio streams.
KUT1 (HD-1) is a simulcast of the 24-hour news and information programming from KUT 90.5 FM.
KUT2 (HD-2) is a simulcast of the music programming on KUTX 98.9, the Austin Music Experience.

A good antenna is necessary to receive HD Radio™ reliably. There are numerous types of antennas and what works in one location may not work well in a different spot.

Stream KUT on your computer or device
Find our stream here.

KUT provides streaming audio services to computers in a variety of formats which should be compatible with any operating system. The streaming formats provided are MP3, AAC+ and HLS. We test our streaming services for compatibility with Microsoft Windows, Apple iOS and Linux.

KUT is committed to supporting open media formats and free (as in speech) software whenever possible. Music licensing and royalty requirements sometimes prevent us from doing this. We make every effort to support as wide a variety of operating systems and software as we can.

Note: The current version of the KUT media player requires the Adobe Flash browser plugin.

In addition to our web player, we have tested our streams for compatibility with Windows Media Player, Winamp, VLC, and iTunes standalone playback software.

Links to All Our Stream Types
These MP3 links are 128 and 192 kbps streams. Use with standalone software and directly:


The AAC+ codec which is mobile-friendly for most devices. It's a much newer codec than the legacy MP3 codec. It uses less bandwidth yet still has high-quality encoding:


For KUT we have an HLS stream available:  

iTunes: NPR News - KUT 90.5 Austin

There is also an HLS stream available for KUTX:  


Some browsers and players, like VLC and QuickTime, will natively play an HLS stream. iTunes will not, but you can use the above link or search for "KUT News" in Apple Music Radio to find this same HLS stream.

Listen on your iOS or Android device
KUT and KUTX can be streamed to your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet using our custom applications. Our apps all use the AAC+ codec.

Download the KUT iOS app here:

Download the KUTX iOS app here:

Download the KUT Android app here:

Download the KUTX Android app here:

Other Apps and Platforms
KUT provides all our streams to popular providers like iHeartRadio and TuneIn. We are the origin of these streams, providing them the same MP3 and AAC+ streams listed above, which you can get directly through our apps or websites. These aggregators then make our stations available on their apps and platforms.

iHeart: KUT, KUTX


Our stations are also in iTunes under Internet Radio, plus KUT News is found in Apple Radio.

Listen to KUT on an Internet Radio Tuner

A number of consumer electronics manufacturers make standalone internet streaming receivers that are compatible with KUT’s streaming. These devices enable you to listen to internet streaming audio without a computer. They normally connect to your network with WiFi. Some have preset station buttons that make it easy to select the stream source. They can also play music from iTunes shares or other music servers on your home network.

This is by no means a complete list. There are many companies making these. Some are available at retail outlets in addition to online suppliers.

Internet appliances such as the ChumbyInsignia Infocast and Sony Dash are also capable of receiving KUT streams.

Most KUT/X streams are compatible with these devices. You will likely need to paste the direct MP3 links into the device, but some will also work with AAC+. These devices are normally programmed by connecting to the device using a computer and configuring. Use the links above to receive the stream(s) you wish to listen to.