Photo courtesy of Marsha Miller for the University of Texas

UT Announces New Dean of Law School

Ward Farnsworth, an associate dean at Boston University’s Law School, will replace Interim Dean Stefanie Lindquist as leader of the law school on June 1.

Before joining Boston University, Farnsworth clerked for Richard Posner on the 7th U. S. Circuit Court of Appeals and Anthony Kennedy on the U. S. Supreme Court.

Farnsworth say his first order of business is "learning from the faculty, the alumni and the rest of the community down there about their views and abilities, and how we can use them to advance the mission of the school," reports the Alcade.

The United States Postal Service is bleeding money. It lost more than $5 billion over the last year alone.  

So, USPS is closing 3,700 post offices. More than 200 of them are in Texas. But for many small communities, it's a serious blow, because the post office is a lot more than just a place to send and receive mail.  

KUT freelancers Jeff Heimsath and Lucia Duncan traveled to East Texas to report on the impact of post office closures in rural towns. Check out their video above and then read the story.

Image courtesy APD

Police say they seized 39 pounds of "high quality" marijuana that was shipped to two separate addresses in Austin. The bust was conducted by an APD K-9 unit, an APD SWAT team, and United States Postal Inspectors.  You can see a slideshow of the alleged haul below.