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Special Coverage
2:07 pm
Tue May 3, 2011

UT Alum Led Unit That Attacked Osama bin Laden

Vice Adm. William H. McRaven commanded the unit that killed Osama bin Laden. He is also a graduate of UT's journalism program.
Photo by U.S. Navy

The man who commanded the unit that shot and killed Osama bin Laden this week is a graduate of the University of Texas journalism program. The Daily Texan reports that Vice Adm. William H. McRaven graduated in 1977.

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Arts and Culture
2:12 pm
Mon April 11, 2011

Composer Daniel Catán Dies In Austin

Mexican composer Daniel Catán passed away in his Austin apartment at the age of 62.
Photo by Elizabeth Beristain Used with permission.

Mexican composer Daniel Catán died unexpectedly at his apartment in Austin on Sunday, according to a statement from his publisher. Catán was 62. The cause of death is under investigation.

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6:50 pm
Mon April 4, 2011

Fake Weapons Cause Real Scare

University of Texas authorities were on heightened alert for a time this evening, after a man was believed to be carrying two shotguns on campus. He wasn't.
Photo by KUT News.

University of Texas police--and the rest of the campus, for that matter--are breathing a little easier this evening.

UTPD issued a safety alert about 6:25 p.m., saying that a man had been seen between 5:30 & 6:00 near the Rec Sports Building on San Jacinto Blvd., carrying what were believed to be two shotguns.

Police caught up with the man a few moments later. The weapons he was carrying were replicas. Authorities have canceled the safety alert.

12:29 pm
Mon April 4, 2011

Texas Higher Ed Leaders Higher Paid

UT President William Powers, Jr (center) is among the highest-compensated college presidents in the nation, according to one report
Photo by KUT News

The Chronicle of Higher Education has released a report on the compensation that higher education leaders, and the University of Texas ranks very high.

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3:49 pm
Tue March 22, 2011

University of Texas Students Rally At Capitol

University of Texas students concerned about cuts to financial aid programs and skyrocketing tuition costs took to the streets this afternoon.

Dozens of people wearing “Invest in Texas” t-shirts and carrying handmade signs marched from the Student Activity Center to the Capitol, shouting slogans in support of higher education. 

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2:35 pm
Wed February 23, 2011

UT Facing $100 Million Budget Cut Next School Year

UT could face a $100 million budget cut for 2012-2013 school year.
Image by Liang Shi for KUT News

Hard times may be coming to The University of Texas at Austin, based on projected spending cuts from the Legislature.

UT President Bill Powers told the campus that budget items in both the House and Senate versions of the 2012-2013 biennial budget cut funding to the school by $100 million.  Since 2009, UT has cut $14.5 million from its budget in response to state mandates, with the cuts primarily made to administrative operations.  Powers is scheduled to testify before the Senate Finance Ccommittee about higher education spending March 2.

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10:38 am
Tue January 4, 2011

Buyouts Of Tenured Professors In Texas And Across Nation

Image by Jeff Heimsath for KUT News

We're beginning to see the consequences of state budget cuts at Texas' public universities. The Chronicle of Higher Education's Katherine Mangan reports today how more than 130 tenured professors at the University of Texas and Texas A&M University have accepted buyouts.

While the early retirements are expected to save nearly $18 million annually, they also carry administrative consequences for their colleges, Mangan reports.

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1:59 pm
Mon January 3, 2011

Public Health Expert Worried About "Purple Stuff" Drink Expanding Distribution

This legal soda contains only valerian root, rose hips, and l-theanine but some public health experts worry that it references a recreational drug popularized by Houston hip hop artists.
Image courtesy Funktional Beverages

The makers of a legal drink that references a recreational drug say they are expanding distribution to more than 1,200 retail stores including twenty Signature Austin Convenience Stores in and around the city.

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3:17 pm
Tue December 21, 2010

What Can An Xbox Controller Teach Us About Improving Power Wheelchairs?

Prof. Lex Frieden is trying to coordinate research efforts across the UT System to find ways to improve the lives of phsycially disabled people.
Image courtesy the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

The University of Texas system is filled with experts researching a wide range of topics, but coordinating them to help the tens of thousands of Texans living with physical disabilities is no easy task. Just ask UT Health professor Lex Frieden. He was handed that responsibility at the beginning of the month. But says he is up for the job. Lex has lived in a wheelchair most of his life, and was one of the architects of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

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11:16 am
Fri December 17, 2010

Latest Jobs Figures Show More People Employed In Austin Area

Austin continues to weather the economic storm, but how many public sector jobs will disappear with state budget cuts?
Image courtesy Stuck in Customs

The Austin-Round Rock-San Marcos area added 17,700 jobs over the last 12 months, according to statistics released this morning by the Texas Workforce Commission. But because the size of the labor force also grew, the unemployment rate actually edged upwards to 7.1 percent in November 2010 compared to 7 percent in November 2009.

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3:41 pm
Wed December 15, 2010

ZipCar Hourly Vehicle Rentals Coming To UT-Austin

A ZipCar in Washington DC. The company is bringing its hourly car rental service to the UT campus next month.
Image courtesy citta-vita

Students, faculty, and staff at the University of Texas at Austin will be able to rent one of eight ZipCar vehicles positioned throughout campus starting in mid-January. ZipCar is a private company that rents full sized cars on an hourly basis.

ZipCar will be competing with Car2Go, which rents tiny smart cars. Car2Go was only available to city workers for a year under a pilot program. It now offers car rentals to everyone in the city.

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3:36 pm
Fri December 3, 2010

UT Students Hold "Die-In" To Mark Bhopal Gas Tragedy

Students gathered to honor the 8,000 that died and hundreds of thousands affected by the Bhopal gas tragedy.
Photo by Nick Robertson for KUT News

UT students gathered at the West Mall today to commemorate the 26th anniversary of the Bhopal gas tragedy that claimed the lives of 8,000 and affected over 100,000 others.

3:31 pm
Fri December 3, 2010

Crazy UT Kids Celebrate Last Day of Class

KUT News intern Nick Robertson was returning from a protest marking the anniversary of the Bhopal gas tragedy when he noticed a group University of Texas undergrads doing this over and over and over on Guadalupe Street. 

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12:41 pm
Wed December 1, 2010

Walkout and Protest at University of Texas Over Budget Cuts

Image by Nick Robertson for KUT News

A group of students, faculty, and staff walked out of their buildings and held a loud marching demonstration this morning on the University of Texas campus.  They were protesting existing and future budget cuts brought on largely as a result of the state's budget gap, a shortfall that could exceed $20 billion.

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12:47 pm
Mon November 29, 2010

UT-Austin Researcher Says Some Sports Drinks Are Not Your Friend

A UT researcher says drinking sugary sports beverages like some versions of Gatorade might be hindering your weight loss goals.
Image courtesy Jeremy Brooks

If you loaded up on Thanksgiving food over the long weekend, you might be thinking about how to work off those extra ounces before the next round of holiday binging begins in December.

University of Texas scientist Dr. Lisa Ferguson-Stegall just conducted a study as part of her dissertation work, and it revealed that guzzling sugar-rich sports drinks while working out might not be helping your waistline.

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