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The one-year anniversary of the Central Texas wildfires is fast approaching – Sept. 4. And with high winds from Hurricane Isaac currently prompting the same fire warnings seen before the outbreak of the blazes, the lessons learned from the fire couldn’t be more timely.

On Tuesday, Sept. 4 at 3 p.m., KUT News premieres “Forged in Flames: An Oral History of the Labor Day Wildfires,” an hour-long program featuring first-person accounts from people who were there.

Also on Sept. 4, KUT is launching the “Forged in Flames” website, which features an interactive timeline, audio interviews, photos, videos, maps and more. A living history of the Labor Day wildfires, the website will continue to be updated with survivors’ stories.

Photo by Gage Skidmore for the Texas Tribune

Pundits came away from last night's Republican Primary debate talking almost exclusively about Rick Perry's 53-second, awkward gaffe during which he forgot the name of the third federal governmental agency he would eliminate if elected to the White House.

But perhaps lost in the mire was the candidate who appeared to be trying to help Perry: The other Texan running for the Republican nomination, Congressman Ron Paul.  

Perry turned to Paul and counted on his fingers as he struggled to remember, "Commerce, Education, and... what's the other one?"

Paul blunted the awkwardness slightly by shifting focus to his plan to eliminate even more federal departments.

"You need five," he said. "You need five."

But Perry continued, "Oh five, oh okay. So Commerce, Education, and the uh, um," as he looked to Paul for help. By that point, Paul apparently had nothing more to add.