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According to the latest numbers from 2016., construction is a $75 billion industry in Texas. It’s an industry we’ve reported on before on the Standard. Including a big story last year. While our reporter was on the ground in Houston, she came across something pretty rare; a female construction worker.

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From Texas Standard.

The Texas primaries are less than a month away, with many officials, including Gov. Greg Abbott, up for reelection. Abbott announced on Tuesday what some are calling a big campaign push – it’s a “preventing, protecting, punishing” proposal aimed at rape kit testing backlogs, sexual misconduct in the State Capitol, and stronger penalties for human trafficking and prostitution.

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The Houston-to-Dallas bullet train project is supposed to be able to transport people from one city to the other in just 90 minutes. But is the plan for high-speed rail getting any closer to reality? Announcements and hearings have been happening, of late, including several public meetings Monday in the Houston area. 

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There's a sense of nostalgia and maybe even glamour around high school sports – at least as they're presented in movies like “Friday Night Lights” and “Varsity Blues” – but there's arguably nothing glamorous about spending four hours on a school bus. That's what awaits some Texas schools this fall, thanks to rearranged districts for public school athletics.


From Texas Standard:

Pentagon officials have undertaken a new policy that seeks to get rid of non-deployable military members. Is it a move to maintain a leaner, meaner fighting force? Or is the military simply not accounting for thousands of support personnel?