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Border & Immigration
6:45 am
Thu November 20, 2014

Dewhurst Says More DPS Officers Will Patrol Border as National Guard Goes Home

Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst said at a Nov. 19, 2014 Capitol press conference that the Texas National Guard will leave the Texas-Mexico border by next March or April.
Veronica Zaragovia/KUT

Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst says President Barack Obama's expected announcement tonight on immigration policy will do nothing more than encourage more people to try and come into Texas illegally. Lt. Gov. Dewhurst says that's why he supports boosting the number of law enforcement officers along the Texas-Mexico border.

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Immigration Reform
11:06 am
Mon June 30, 2014

Why Children in Texas Illegally Could Stay in the U.S. for Years

Many of the thousands of children from Central America crossing the Texas-Mexico border are eventually subject to deportation, but it could take years before their cases goes to immigration court.

Many of the thousands of children from Central America crossing the Texas-Mexico border are eventually subject to deportation, but it could take years before their cases goes to court.

Texas has the second highest number of pending immigration cases after California. The problem is simple, immigration lawyers say: The courts just don’t have enough judges.

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4:55 pm
Mon May 27, 2013

Border Crossings Could Charge Admission to U.S. Visitors

Fees at border crossings like this one in Montreal could raise millions for infrastructure.

The federal government is mulling a possible entry fee to cross the border into the U.S.

The Department of Homeland Security wants to study if, and how much, it could charge people on the millions of trains, buses, personal vehicles and even pedestrians crossing the U.S. border every year.

The idea would be to use the money for infrastructure repairs and maintenance at the ports of entry.

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1:14 pm
Thu April 11, 2013

Border Crossing Reopens – Connecting People and Commerce

Lorne Matalon, Marfa Public Radio
The gate leading to the river crossing into northern Mexico near the village of Boquillas, Mexico.

A border crossing opened yesterday for the first time since 9/11 – reconnecting Big Bend National Park with Boquillas, Mexico. The opening reunited families and friends and restarted the tourism-driven commerce that once flowed across the border.

Before the border was closed, 300 people lived in Boquillas. Now, just 90 live there.

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12:04 pm
Tue April 9, 2013

Cornyn, McCaul Call for Standards for Measuring Border Security

Cornyn and McCaul want more information than the number of people caught illegally crossing the border.

Texas lawmakers in Washington want the Department of Homeland Security to define what successful border security means.

Today, U.S. Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) and U.S. Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Austin) filed legislation that would require the department to set metrics for achievement and solutions for reaching those standards.

Cornyn says it’s an important step to take in immigration reform.

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1:45 pm
Tue April 2, 2013

Report: Texas Gang Threat Rising

According to the assessment, Mexican cartels are using Texas gangs to help smugle people, drugs and weapons across the border.

The Texas Department of Public Safety has released its 2012 Gang Threat Assessment, providing an overview of gang activity throughout the state.

The annual report says that current gang membership across Texas likely surpasses 100,000 individuals – and it's still increasing.

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