Tax Abatement

KUT News

You know those property tax breaks that Austin uses to lure companies like Apple and Visa to town? A Washington, D.C., group says the city is doing a pretty good job of letting us know how those deals pan out.

The nonprofit research center Good Jobs First gave Austin’s program 100 out of 100 for disclosing annual activity online and for providing third-party audits of each company receiving taxpayer incentives. 

Photo by Filipa Rodriguez for KUT News

A recently-launched website allows anyone to add information about historic Austin landmarks to an online map, augmented with historical data, architectural descriptions and more.

The Austin Historical Survey Wiki works like a Wikipedia page. Anyone can sign up and add information to the site, which is then filtered by a moderator.

But here, users add pin points to a map, creating a compilation of information, pictures and data about Austin’s historic sites from professional and architectural historians.