Robert Schenkkan

JFK Assassination: 50 Years Later
8:41 am
Thu November 21, 2013

Interview: 'All The Way' Playwright Robert Schenkkan on LBJ's Legacy

Robert Schenkkan visited KUT to talk about his play, "All the Way."
Jorge Sanhueza-Lyon for KUT News

Amid all the talk of JFK as we approach the 50th anniversary of his death, one could make the case that as tragic as the Kennedy assassination was, the accidental presidency of Kennedy's successor – Lyndon Baines Johnson – was far more consequential in reshaping the landscape of the United States.

Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright Robert Schenkkan takes it even further in his new drama "All The Way." Actor Bryan Cranston of "Breaking Bad" fame plays LBJ – from the moment of his swearing in aboard Air Force One in 1963, to the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Robert Schenkkan came to KUT's Newsmaker studio and spoke with David Brown.

11:10 am
Fri February 11, 2011

Video Tribute To Late KUT Founder Robert Schenkkan

Robert Schenkkan, the founder of KUT and KLRU, passed away this week.  KLRU produced this video tribute for his 90th birthday in 2007. It's still as relevant and moving today.