On The Road

2012 Presidential Election
3:18 pm
Thu December 1, 2011

Double Dose of Campaign Ads

Perhaps seeking to ignite a spark in his followers, Texas Governor Rick Perry released a couple of new campaign ads today. One focusing on energy policy. The other...oh wait...umm...oh yeah, his debate brain freeze.

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2012 Presidential Election
4:15 pm
Tue November 22, 2011

On The Road: Roughing It Behind The Scenes at GOP Debates

The KUT recording studio at a campaign stop in Michigan.
Photo by Chelsea Hagger for KUT

Tonight is Texas Governor Rick Perry's eighth Republican primary debate. I will have been at seven of them.

Each debate is remembered by what happens on stage. What was said, what wasn't said, and whether or not one of the candidates messed up.

Reporters view them the same way. But we also can't help but compare the behind-the-scenes set up from debate to debate. 

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2012 Presidential Election
12:09 pm
Mon November 21, 2011

On the Road: It's Cold Out Here!

Rick Perry enjoys some Chili at the Manchester NH Chili festival.
Photo by Ben Philpott for KUT News.

Voters in  Iowa and New Hampshire are accustomed to having dozens of reporters roaming around their fair cities and towns - usually trailing a presidential candidate or two. So it's often pretty easy to find someone to talk about his or her impressions of or interactions with candidates. 

At least once a day a reporter on the road meets up with someone who has - let's say - unique information about a candidate he or she doesn't like.

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2012 Presidential Election
6:28 pm
Tue October 11, 2011

On the Road: The Other Half

Protesters at Dartmouth College in Hanover, NH let Gov. Perry and other GOP candidates know they don't like some of their economic policies.
Photo by Ben Philpott for KUT News

With all the attention on the GOP presidential primary, it can be hard to remember that recent polls show voters are still evenly split on who they want to win the 2012 election. 

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2012 Presidential Election
11:42 am
Tue October 11, 2011

On the Road: What's at Stake at Dartmouth

The debate hall on the campus of Dartmouth College.
Photo by Bob Daemmrich

All eyes are on the top three GOP presidential candidates tonight - with each hoping to answer lingering questions about their ability to win the nomination.

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