Place 5 Interviews

KUT concludes its  profiles of the seven Austin City Council candidates running in Place 5 with David Conley.

KUT’s Wells Dunbar speaks with political newcomer Conley about his ideas for improving affordability, traffic and Austin’s property taxes. You can listen to a condensed version of the interview at

Early voting for city elections begins Monday April 30. 14 candidates are running for four spots on the Austin City Council, and half of those contenders are in Place 5.

Above, you can view an extended video interview with Dominic “Dom” Chavez.  KUT spoke with him about whether Austin Energy needs to increase its rates, alternatives to Urban Rail, improving education, addressing affordability and more.

When Bill Spelman was elected to City Council three years ago, he didn’t face a single challenger. Now he faces six opponents in his bid for re-election.

KUT’s Wells Dunbar spoke with Spelman about the interplay of growth and congestion, the Austin Energy rate redesign, and whether Austin is ready for votes on urban rail and geographic representation this November. You can listen to KUT’s radio interview with Spelman online; above, you can view an expanded version of our discussion.

KUT News presents an extended interview with Place 5 challenger Tina Cannon.

Another entrant in the crowded Place 5 field is R.A. “Bo” Prudente.

Political newcomer Prudente is one of the seven candidates running in Place 5 against incumbent Bill Spelman. KUT’s Wells Dunbar spoke with Prudente about a number of issues, including Austin’s water supply and the city’s problems in promoting affordability. In addition to the extended interview above, you can also listen to a condensed interview broadcast by KUT. 

Comprising half of the 14 candidates for City Council, Place 5 is a crowded field.

Political newcomer John Rubine is one of the seven candidates running in Place 5 against incumbent Bill Spelman. KUT’s Wells Dunbar spoke with Rubine about a number of issues including Austin’s affordability, energy rate increases, and how he plans to improve voter turnout. You can listen to audio of our interview with Rubine, but above, we’ve posted an extended video version of our interview with him.

Early voting for city elections begins Monday, April 30. There are 14 candidates running for four positions on the Austin City Council. Over the next week or so, we’re airing extended cuts from KUT's interviews with each of them.

In Place 5, self-described anarchist and Occupy Austin member John Duffy is running to unseat incumbent Bill Spelman. You can listen to the interview with Duffy that aired on KUT 90.5 FM; above, we present an extended version of that conversation.