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The Best Songs Ever ... This Week, Feb. 9, 2018

Feb 9, 2018
Mengwen Cao / KUTX

The staff at our sister station, KUTX, scour the earth to bring listeners the best music. Each Friday, they share three of their favorite songs on Morning Edition.  

Phoebe Bridgers

If you're looking to take in some live music this weekend, we got some recommendations from Matt Reilly with our sister station KUTX 98.9, the Austin Music Experience.

On this edition of In Black America, producer/host John L. Hanson Jr. presents a tribute to the late Ruth Brown, R&B singer-songwriter and actress.

Brown talks about running away from home, recording for Atlantic Records and suing for royalties.

Dan Brooks is moving to Austin from Philadelphia next week. But before he got here, he wanted some reading material.

“I like to know as much as possible about where I am, what community I’m a part of, where I’m living," he said. "It’s important for me to have an idea of the space that I’m occupying, and books are generally one good way to learn about a place.”

The StoryCorps mobile booth is in Austin this month, and we’re bringing you some of the stories that are being recorded there. Locally recorded stories will air Monday and Wednesday mornings during Morning Edition and archived here.

Melinda Cantu and Coni Huntsman Stogner are longtime best friends and also co-vice presidents at the SAFE Alliance, which was created when SafePlace and the Austin Children’s Shelter merged about a year ago. They recently sat down in the StoryCorps mobile booth to talk about their work, their children, and what it means for them to be feminists in 2018.