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Bret Brookshire

For the past several years, playwright Kirk Lynn has been fixing Shakespeare one play at a time. "We started with Fixing King John, we have fixed Timon of Athens, and now we're fixing Troilus and Cressida," he says. "The aim is to start with the least-produced plays. Although, like anything, when you're digging in, you know, a band's b-sides... you find 'Oh my God, this is so beautiful!’"

"You know, the inspiration initially was [that] I was jogging and I was listening to the White Stripes play [the Robert Johnson song] "Stop Breaking Down," and I thought, 'This is so great. I wonder what Robert Johnson would think of this song?'" Lynn says. "And I thought, 'I really want to cover something.' And of course, covering something in theater just means adapting it."

Montinique Monroe for KUTX

SXSW is in full swing. And, amid the glut of free swag, wristband-only shows and viral experiential brand activations, there are hundreds of panels with pretty unbelievable names.

Take the quiz below to see if you can spot which ones are fake and which ones are real.

The StoryCorps mobile booth was in Austin this January, and we’re bringing you some of the stories that were recorded there. Locally recorded stories will air Monday and Wednesday mornings during Morning Edition and archived here.  

Gene Rodgers is an outdoor adventure enthusiast and self-described ‘argonaut’ who was paralyzed in an accident forty-five years ago at age seventeen. He was joined in the StoryCorps mobile booth by his longtime friend Dennis Borel, the Executive Director of the Coalition of Texans with Disabilities. Gene shared some memories of his life and adventures.

Ones To Watch: Knox Fortune

Mar 11, 2018

Chicago’s Knox Fortune is a producer and singer who’s made a name working with a lot of hometown artists, even earning a Grammy for his singing on Chance The Rapper’s “All Night.” But Knox Fortune’s solo work is starting to turn heads too.

Ones To Watch: Erika Wennerstrom

Mar 10, 2018

All this week, KUTX profiles the Ones To Watch: seven must-see artists at SXSW 2018.

You might not know the name Erika Wennerstrom, but since 2003, she’s led the Austin-by-way-of-Ohio band Heartless BastardsThis month, she’s taking a break from the band to release her solo debut, Sweet Unknown.