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Apr 30, 2015

My most heroic supporter

Is my bra

A large woman

Black and dressed in lace

And bows

She is gentle

But will hurt me with her wiry sass

If disrespected

She is by my side when I walk down the street

But she has no patience for jumping and jogging

And we quickly part when my home is reached

She is uptight when I break the bonds of social norms

Balancing my adventurous nature

With her stern embrace

But even through our tiffs

I know I can depend on her

My Sonnet to Dreams

Apr 30, 2015

Dreams, you hollow, heartless, callous creature

Dark, twisted land of human mind you dwell

Friendship Withered

Apr 30, 2015

Friendship withers like a flag in a violent storm on the beach

It begins to tear into small pieces of worthless cloth floating through the air alone


Apr 29, 2015




I am a tree;


My leaves, the shifting thoughts in my brain



Apr 29, 2015

Housing the memories of past injuries

They lie against the grey wall

Not in use…….at the moment

The Deeper Meaning of Basketball

Apr 28, 2015

All I hear—

the pounding sound of leather on wood,

the smooth as silk swoosh of the ball

going in the basket that drowns out the cheering crowd.

This is basketball.

Questions that lead to no answers. Wounds that never quite heal. The unhinged time of tragedy and grief. The soft, relentless whispering of the abused, the murdered, the lost. This is the world of Scott Blackwood.

Scott Blackwood is one of the most lyrical of modern American writers. His prose rings with poetry. His work explores community, grief, and the secrets that run through our lives.

In this edition of The Write Up, Blackwood talks about his new novel See How Small and explains why he is drawn to this story and the harrowing task of researching it. With a careful balance of compassion and curiosity, Blackwood reached out to many of the people connected to the actual murders including family members and first responders. Blackwood’s goal in this novel, and in all his work, is to recover lost voices.


Apr 28, 2015


After Glenn Ligon’s Untitled artwork at the Blanton Museum of Art

Writing is hard,

shimmery words,

Austin Translation is the new mainstage show at ColdTowne Theater. Produced and directed by Second City alum Dave Buckman, the show was created using the Second City method; over the past couple of months, Austin Translation cast members brought in ideas, worked on them together through improvisation, and then chose the best of the best to craft into scripted sketches.

Jeremy Fuksa/flickr

Four years ago, non-native Austinite Jim Ritts thought it was time the Live Music Capital of the World had its own comedy festival.

“It’s a phenomenal festival town,” he says, and he figured that Austin could make room for a fest devoted solely to comedy. What with the recent “comedy renaissance” and the strong local comedy scene in Austin, he felt like the timing was perfect to launch the Moontower Comedy & Oddity Festival, which is taking place now through Saturday around town.

Kevin O. Moone

On this edition of In Black America, producer/host John L. Hanson Jr. speaks with Janet Cheatham Bell, author, editor and publishing consultant.

After graduating from Indiana University in 1964, Bell began her professional career as a high school librarian in Saginaw, Michigan. In early 1968 she accepted a position at the Ohio University Library in Athens. A few months later, in the wake of student responses to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination, the university recruited her to teach freshman composition and African American literature.

Learning to Read

Apr 23, 2015

A blur

of lines and shapes

whirled together

The Easily Forgotten

Apr 23, 2015

I am from a ragdoll,

from “act like a girl” and a rundown

neighborhood park,

Don't Stop Believing

Apr 22, 2015

Read by Rebecca McInroy

Into Zilch

Apr 22, 2015

Read by Rebecca McInroy

Think, catechists.

Watch, oracles.

The vanishing sky is suppressing you.

The pathetic lake is flooding you.

Yet you dress elaborately,

so you can contemplate time,

but you say it eroded

into zilch.


Apr 22, 2015

Read by Rebecca McInroy

We Hold On

Apr 22, 2015

Read by Laurie Viault


Apr 22, 2015

Read by Shawna Butler

Austin Film Festival

In this episode of On Story, hosted by Brian Ramos, directors take center stage. In the first half of the show, filmmaker Paul Thomas Anderson narrates a conversation with director Jonathan Demme, whose credits include Silence of the Lambs.

Then, film and TV icon Ron Howard talks about how all of his works are, at heart, suspense pieces.

In this episode of On Story, hosted by Brian Ramos, we hear from Beau Willimon, the show-runner for the runaway Netflix hit House of Cards. Willimon is also an acclaimed screenwriter and playwright.

Then John Ridley talks about writing the Academy Award-winning 12 Years a Slave. Ridley was also the screenwriter of 3 Kings.