Japan Earthquake

On the same day Japan's first nuclear power plant went back online, a panel of Japanese officials released a scathing report on last year's nuclear disaster at the Fukushima plant. Their view? The crisis was preventable.

Photo by Freescale Semiconductor

One of the largest companies based in Central Texas, Freescale Semiconductor, says it is closing a manufacturing plant in earthquake ravaged Sendai, Japan.

The company made the announcement in a statement posted on its website:

Image courtesy of Google maps.

Another Blast at Japan Nuclear Plant

All eyes are on Japan’s nuclear power emergency after Friday’s massive earthquake and tsunami.  Japan's Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano reports a hydrogen explosion happened at Japan's Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant Monday.  It was similar to Saturday's blast at a different unit.  More on the explosion from NPR.org:

Image via Media Tools, courtesy Google, DigitalGlobe, GeoEye


Japan Death Toll Soars

Photo by Nathan Bernier for KUT News

The Japanese earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear power plant emergency have derailed plans for many South by Southwest attendees who work for non-profit fundraising organizations. Even those outside that community have been riveted by the scale of the calamity.