Department of Public Safety

5:20 pm
Tue May 6, 2014

New Horse-Mounted Patrol Aims to Deter Crime at State Capitol, Texas Style

Texas Department of Public Safety Trooper Jerald Sams rides a DPS horse at the Texas State Capitol on May 6, 2014.
Veronica Zaragovia/KUT

Visitors to the Texas State Capitol complex will notice a new mounted patrol unit of the Texas Department of Public Safety. On Tuesday, people were petting and feeding the horses, which are intended to deter crime on the 46-square-block area. 

More than 12,000 state and civilian employees work at the capitol complex on any given day. Texas Public Safety Commission chair A. Cynthia Leon says when the legislature is in session, that population can soar to 80,000 people.

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10:49 am
Wed April 3, 2013

North Lamar DPS Office Vandalized (Updated)

The North Lamar DPS office will be closed until further notice due to a break-in last night.
Daniel Reese for KUT News

UPDATE: The Texas Department of Public safety has arrested the man responsible for breaking into a DPS license office last night.

DPS spokesman Tom Vinger says 40-year-old Kenneth James Vanlue was arrested on charges of criminal mischief and burglary of a building.

“Both charges are felonies. No evidence that sensitive information was compromised. However, there was extensive property damage inside the building," Vinger said.

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3:07 pm
Thu February 28, 2013

Lawmakers Protest Security Policy At Governor's Mansion

A security camera keeps watch on the newly-restored Texas Governor's Mansion on July 18, 2012.
Bob Daemmrich/Texas Tribune

Outraged members of the Texas Legislative Black Caucus left a reception at the Governor’s Mansion this week after facing what they described as  heavy-handed and offensive security procedures. One of the lawmakers said he won’t return to the stately residence until the policy is changed.

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12:11 pm
Fri January 4, 2013

Clearing Texas Rape Kit Backlog Brings Hefty Price Tag

Pictured is a sexual assault evidence collection kit used by law enforcement throughout Texas.
Todd Wiseman, Texas Tribune

There are some 20,000 untested rape kits sitting on evidence shelves in police departments across Texas, the state Department of Public Safety estimates.

Each box with samples of hair, skin and clothing represents one of the worst moments of the victim’s life, a crime that was followed by hours in a doctor’s office submitting the most personal evidence.

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11:34 am
Mon December 24, 2012

Listen: DPS Wants Lawmakers to Approve Higher Trooper Salaries

State troopers make less money than many local law enforcement officers.
Daniel Reese for KUT News

Texas lawmakers will return to Austin Jan. 8 for the 2013 Legislative Session.

Officials with the Department of Public Safety hope lawmakers will approve salary increases for state troopers. A recent report by the State Auditor’s office found troopers are making less money than many police and sheriff’s officers across the state.

Trooper Robbie Barrera says she didn’t join the Department of Public Safety for the money.

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