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Every dot on this map represents a location where at least three collisions have occurred between pedestrians and vehicles since 2008. For the purpose of this map, cyclists are counted as pedestrians. The data was compiled by the Austin Police Department and placed on a map by KUT News.

Austin police have issued more than 200 jaywalking citations as part of a two-week crackdown that runs through Saturday. APD’s Highway Enforcement Command says it launched the campaign because of a high number of pedestrian deaths: 17 so far this year, compared to 7 in 2010.

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People pulled over for suspected drunk driving over the Labor Day weekend may have their blood forcibly withdrawn by Austin police officers. It’s part of the so-called “No Refusal” policy that APD conducts over long weekends.

But this weekend, a new law will increase penalties for first-time offenders with a blood alcohol level of 0.15, almost double the legal limit of 0.08.

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Students have reached summer's end, though you couldn't tell by the weather.  The beginning of school year brings changes in some Capital Metro bus schedules. That includes the elimination of three bus routes that circulated MetroRail passengers throughout downtown from the Austin Convention Center.

Rick Perry Returns to Texas

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The Austin Police Department launched a formal investigation after two police officers fired their weapons at a robbery suspect yesterday afternoon. APD Chief Art Acevedo says it started when a man allegedly robbed a gas station on South Congress near Pickle Rd.

"The first shooting was right here, just south of the Bel Air Motel, on the west side of South Congress," Acevedo said in a news conference near the crime scene. 

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The Austin Police Department is implementing a new strategy to fight crime.

The Real Time Crime Center, a room filled with computers and TV screens at the police headquarters, will allow officers to monitor police radio traffic 24 hours a day and provide more information on handling a scene before officers arrive.

APD Commander Troy Gay, who's in charge of the new center, told KUT News that it was a "force multiplier"

"They’re almost like an extension of patrol," he said. "They’re watching what patrol is doing and then providing additional information at that time."

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The Austin Police Association is holding a ceremony to dedicate a hall in their new facility to the people who worked to restore safety during the Texas Tower shooting. Today is the 45th anniversary of the shooting.

The shooter, Charles Whitman, was a student at the University of Texas. A former Marine who grew up with an abusive father, he admitted to killing his mother and his wife in a suicide note.

The next day, Whitman began shooting people from the top of the Texas Tower with a sniper rifle. He climbed up to the top of the tower with hundreds of rounds of ammunition, water and food supplies.

Erika Aguilar, KUT News

Austin Police say they are trying to get to know the Rundberg and North Austin community better. The department invited residents to a meet-and-greet event Saturday in the Northgate Boulevard area.

Austin Police say crime in the neighborhood is higher than other parts of Austin, but is often not reported.

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If you see uniformed emergency response teams around the University of Texas' Wooldridge Hall this week, don't worry. The U.T Police Department and other Central Texas first responders will use the vacant building for training exercises through Thursday.

Sergeant Scott Weyland said UTPD tries to train in an empty building when one is scheduled for demolition, usually about once a year. Weyland says this week’s training will focus on “active-shooter” scenarios, including suicide-bomber and hostage situations.

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The Austin Police Department held another “No Refusal” weekend on Friday and Saturday nights, meaning officers can request a warrant to draw blood by force if a driver refuses a breathalyzer. It was the first time during the Republic of Texas motorcycle rally that APD implemented the policy. Last year, there were three alcohol-related fatal motorcycle accidents during the ROT Rally.

Here are the numbers from APD:

There were a total of 37 DWI's over the No refusal weekend.

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The Austin Police Department had planned to install 23 crime surveillance cameras downtown by the end of March this year. But that date has now been pushed back until October, in part because APD wanted to wait for the firm with which it is contracting to upgrade its video surveillance technology.

“It’s like the commercial where the guy buys the 3D TV, and then the truck pulls up with the sign saying, ‘New 4D TV,” Austin police commander Troy Gay told KUT News. “We want to make sure that we’ve got at least the most current of today, so we’re not automatically a year or two obsolete.”

The memorial service for 20 year-old Byron Carter, Jr. will be held Friday June 2 at 2:30 at Mount Zion Baptist Church.

Carter was shot and killed by APD Officer Nathan Wagner. Carter was a passenger in a car with a 16-year old driver who allegedly hit another officer and pinned Wagner, who then fired shots into the car, killing Carter and injuring the 16 year-old driver, according to an APD press release.

Image courtesy of the Austin Police Department.

Officer-Involved Shooting in Austin

The Austin Police Department is investigating an officer-involved shooting that happened late last night.  Police say drivers should expect detours or delays at 8th Street and the I-35 frontage road. 

Photo by Nathan Bernier for KUT News.

The Department of Justice has closed its investigation into the Austin Police Department. The investigation began back in 2007 after the Austin Chapter of the NAACP and the Texas Civil Rights Project filed a federal complaint over use of force against minorities.

The Justice Department said it did not find reasonable cause to believe that APD has engaged in a pattern or practice that violates the Constitution or U.S. laws. At a press conference Monday morning, Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo called the report one of the highlights of his career.

Image courtesy of the Austin Police Department.

SWAT Officer Fired Following DWI Charge

Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo has fired an APD SWAT officer who was charged with drunken driving in December. Police say Officer Michael Hamilton crashed his unmarked police car after leaving a colleague's party.  Six other officers were suspended between four and fifteen days for drinking while on call, driving city vehicles under the influence and failing to report these actions to supervisors.

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UPDATE 12:00 p.m.:  Austin Police are releasing more details about this morning's officer-involved shooting in Southeast Austin. 

Officials say a Hispanic man pointed a weapon at officers and fired at least one shot.  Officer Steven Pena, a three-year APD veteran, returned fire with several rounds from a shotgun.  The suspect later died at University Medical Center-Brackenridge. 

Police also say a witness told investigators that the suspect may have shot himself.  Pena has been placed on administrative leave, while the case is investigated.

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APD Officer Shoots and Kills Armed Suspect

One man was killed by an Austin police officer early this morning in Southeast Austin.  About 1:00, police responded to a "shots fired" call in an apartment complex on Burton Drive, near East Oltorf Street.

"The suspect's a male Hispanic, about—approximately 29 years of age.  And what occurred in this incident is he was trying to gain entry by shooting into—at a apartment door, trying to get into a house where his ex-girlfriend resided," said Police Chief Art Acevedo.

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Austinites might have to wait longer for police to respond in an emergency if the Texas Legislature adopts a law similar to Arizona's controversial anti-illegal immigration measure, Austin Police Department chief Art Acevedo said today.

"I'd rather spend my time responding to public safety threats than going after the day laborer at the Home Depot," Acevedo said in a media conference call hosted by the Law Enforcement Engagement Initiative.

The Austin Police Department launched a new online reporting system today called CopLogic. It allows you to file the kind of non-emergency, low priority cases complaints you might normally report to 3-1-1.

In fact, APD says it processed more than 58,000 reports last year through 3-1-1.  That's an average of 158 calls a day. The new system, APD hopes, will improve the quality of reporting and case tracking.

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The Austin Police Department announced today that its officers will begin testing four different wearable video cameras that can be activated by the cop when he or she is encountering a suspect. The police force has been stepping up its video recording capabilities ever since an officer killed a teenager in 2009 and failed to capture the shooting on his VHS-based dashboard camera.

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We received this rather unusual press release from Austin Police Department this morning and felt like sharing it with you.  Please remember to drink responsibly.

Austin Police Department Reminds Citizens to Remember Where They Park

The Austin Police Department would like to remind citizens to remember where they park when visiting the downtown entertainment district.  Recently citizens have been parking their vehicles and not remembering where they left them.  Because of this, APD has received several auto theft reports.