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Arts Eclectic
2:32 pm
Thu October 3, 2013

Paradox Players Present the Historical Drama 'New Jerusalem'

Rick Felkins, Carl Guthie, and Craig Kanee in "New Jerusalem"
Credit JoAnna Johnson

Arts Eclectic feature on "New Jerusalem"

In 1656, Jewish philosopher Baruch Spinoza was the subject of an intense interrogation in his family’s adopted hometown of Amsterdam. At the time, the Inquisition was at full power in Spain and Portugal; the Dutch considered themselves a more tolerant people, and allowed Jews to live in the city, albeit with certain constraints: they weren’t considered citizens but resident aliens, and they were allowed to practice their faith but not to discuss it with Christians.

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Arts Eclectic
3:13 pm
Mon September 23, 2013

'THIRST' Features a Ghostly Tree on Lady Bird Lake

Concept art for "THIRST"

This weekend, a new art installation will open that will be hard to miss. THIRST, from Women and Their Work, comprises two components: a series of 14,000 prayer flags which will form a 2.5 mile loop near Lady Bird Lake, and a 35-foot cedar elm tree that will hover above the lake itself.

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Arts Eclectic
3:20 pm
Fri September 20, 2013

See Joseph Noderer & Jamie Panzer at Tiny Park Art Space This Weekend

"Can All the Good Times Be O'er? (Lament)" by Joseph Noderer/"Reach" by Jamie Panzer

Arts Eclectic feature on Joseph Noderer and Jamie Paner

The latest exhibition at Tiny Park Art Space features the work of two artists: painter Joseph Noderer and sculptor Jamie Panzer.

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Arts Eclectic
1:14 pm
Fri September 6, 2013

Forklift Danceworks and Austin Energy Join Forces for 'Power UP'

Power UP is an arts project featuring eatures dozens of workers from all parts of Austin Energy.
Forklift Danceworks

KUT's Arts Eclectic feature on "Power UP"

Over the past several years, Allison Orr's Forklift Danceworks has staged performances featuring, among others, roller skaters, Elvis impersonators, and sanitation workers. The Trash Project, the large-scale performance they produced with the City of Austin Sanitation Department, won multiple awards and was the subject of the documentary film Trash Dance.

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