UTPD Training at Wooldridge Hall

Jun 20, 2011

If you see uniformed emergency response teams around the University of Texas' Wooldridge Hall this week, don't worry. The U.T Police Department and other Central Texas first responders will use the vacant building for training exercises through Thursday.

Sergeant Scott Weyland said UTPD tries to train in an empty building when one is scheduled for demolition, usually about once a year. Weyland says this week’s training will focus on “active-shooter” scenarios, including suicide-bomber and hostage situations.

Austin police and fire personnel and Travis County Sheriff's deputies will join University police officers for the training sessions.

Wooldridge Hall, on 24th between Nueces and Seton Streets, is currently empty. The land is scheduled to be leased to a developer who will build a 16-story residential complex on the land.