UT Co-Op To Start Selling Some Groceries

Aug 30, 2011

It won't quite a full-blown grocery store, but the University of Texas Co-Op is about to start selling some grocery items, ranging from milk and eggs, to frozen dinners and canned food, to beer and wine.

“We’ve actually got one of the largest coolers that money can buy,” Co-Op Market Manager Zack Voelker told KUT News. “We’ve got a twenty door reach-in/walk-in vault.”

Voelker says the Co-Op has done several surveys over the past few years to ask students what they want in the campus area, and the overwhelming majority of respondents said they needed a store that sold grocery items.

But the one thing that will prevent it from qualifying as a grocery store, Voelker said, is the lack of a produce section.

“We’re not doing dedicated produce right now. We will have some produce items, but not necessarily the bins of lettuce heads and racks of tomatoes and crates of apples,” he said.

Voelker says they’re working hard to open the store as quickly as possible, and says it should be ready to open its doors in about a week.