Travis Commissioners Extend Burn Ban

Jan 11, 2011

Cold weather, no matter.  Recent rain, no matter.  Conditions are still dry enough for Travis County Commissioners to extend the current outdoor burn ban another month.

According to a release from Travis County Fire Marshal Herschel Lee,

Travis County ended the year with a significant deficit in annual rainfall and has experienced several freezes.  This combination has led to a dramatic curing of the fuels which makes them easier to ignite.  Fire Departments are continuing to receive calls to respond to grass/brush fires.  Due to the dry fuel conditions and increased safety concerns for fire fighters and the residents, the Fire Marshal’s Office recommended approval of the Order Prohibiting Outdoor Burning in the Unincorporated Areas of Travis County.

The most recent US Drought Monitor map shows Travis County suffering moderate-to-severe drought conditions.  The outdoor burn ban is in effect until February 9, unless county commissioners vote for another extension.