Town Lake Animal Center Hits 90% Live Outcomes For 1st Time

Mar 1, 2011

Officials at Austin's Town Lake Animal Center have announced they've surpassed a 90% live outcome rate for the first time last month.  February saw 92% of animals that entered the shelter leave alive.

The milestone means the shelter is now officially "no-kill", as defined by an implementation plan approved by city council almost one year ago.

In a memo to the city council today, interim animal services officer Filip Gecic said the shelter's rescue partners get a big share of the credit, although there were many factors that contributed to the shelter's success...

...including closing of the night drop-off boxes, adding a veterinarian, enhancing the foster care program as well as low-cost/free spay and neuter services, and increasing the marketing and publicity efforts for adoption and additional services of the Animal Services Office.

TLAC's new director, Abigail Smith, takes over later this month.