Texas Women's History Moments (22 - 31)

Mar 26, 2014

Wrapping up our month of moments, movements and contributions by Texas women we're highlighting contributions by the Mujeres and their effort for equality in the 1970s, the first American-Indian novelist and the tradition of Caddo pottery, plus a handful of individuals, including Sophia Alice Callahan, Mary Couts Burnett and Sarah Tilghman Hughes.  

This year’s additions will also include Lady Bird Johnson, Ruthe Winegarten, Annie Mae Hunt, Willie Mae "Big Mama" Thornton, Janis Joplin and Alberta Zepeda. 

The Petticoat Lobby

 Mujeres Por La Raza

 Sophia Alice Callahan

 Mary Couts Burnett

 Sarah Tilghman Hughes

 Jane Long and Kian

 Caddo Women Potters

 Louise Ballerstadt Raggio

 Lucy Parsons

 Emily D. West