Texans Celebrate State Independence

Mar 5, 2011

Texas flags paraded up Congress Avenue Saturday morning to celebrate the state's independence. The Texian Legacy  Association hosted the parade and 5K run.

On March 2, 1836, Texas declared its independence from Mexico just a few days before the Mexican army under Gen. Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna advanced on the Alamo in San Antonio.  On March 5, Col. William Travis leading the Alamo defenders made his famous "line in the sand."

In honor of that historic moment, members of the Texas Nationalist Movement rallied at the State Capitol Saturday. The group wants to see Texas withdrawal from the United States. They presented the Legislature a non-binding resolution. 

“We believe that Texas has grown over the years into its own distinct culture, its own distinct economic culture and its own distinct political culture," said Dave Mundy, press officer for the Texas Nationalist Movement. "Those are three of the foundations of any nation on Earth. ”

The idea of Texas independence from the Federal government has received a boost from state lawmakers. A House Committee over state sovereignty has been created to mostly address new federal healthcare mandates.

Sunday the Texian Legacy Association will hold a 2:00 p. m. ceremony at the Capitol to honor men who died defending the Alamo.