This Takes the Cake: A Billion Dollar Bake Sale to 'Save Texas Schools'

May 16, 2012

We’re all familiar with school bake sales – those PTA-organized sugar-fests focused on raising money for band uniforms and financing field trips.

But Save Texas Schools, a group pushing for greater state investment in public education, hosted a bake sale this afternoon with a slightly loftier goal: raising, say, over five billion dollars selling cupcakes.

The tongue-in-cheek event, held in the shadow of the State Capitol, had a serous purpose: drawing attention to state budget cuts to education.

Last legislative session, Save Texas Schools urged Texas lawmakers to tap the state’s Rainy Day Fund to offset spending cuts. That didn’t happen, and over $5 billion in cuts were made to public education. 

“State education cuts are no laughing matter to Texas families, and our point is you can’t make this up with bake sales,” Save Texas Schools Chair Allen Weeks said in a statement.

KUT News freelancer Jeff Heimsath captured photos and audio of the bake sale today.