Sen. Cornyn Calls on FBI to Release Ft. Hood Shooting Report

Jul 13, 2012

U.S. Senator John Cornyn has called for the Federal Bureau of Investigation to release its report into the 2009 Fort Hood shooting that left 13 dead. The FBI tells KUT News it will do so as soon as possible.

This morning, Sen. Cornyn issued a statement referring to a story from FOX News stating the report will “include eighteen (18) formal recommendations for corrective and enhancing measures on matters ranging from FBI policies and operations to information systems infrastructure, review protocols and training."

“This report is a matter of tremendous public importance, and I call on you to release an unclassified version of it as soon as possible,” Cornyn writes to FBI Director Robert Mueller. “ … The key findings and recommendations of this report must be made public, so we can glean any and all lessons from this incident.  The American people and specifically the Fort Hood community in Texas have the right to know.”

FBI press contact Paul Bresson emails KUT News to say “The FBI fully intends to release an unclassified version of the independent review regarding Fort Hood as soon as possible.”

The Nov. 5, 2009 Fort Hood shooting left 13 dead and over 30 wounded, including the alleged assailant Major Nidal Hasan. His trial is scheduled to begin in August, but has been slowed by repeated delays