Apr 2, 2014

Read by Burton Fitzsimmons.

I am not the president, I am not a king
I am not the v.p., I am not the queen
I am neither poor nor rich
I do not make laws and I don’t fight them
I am just one soul in this big planet

With a voice only people close to me can hear
I am in a position neither above or bellow
I do what I want and do as I’m told
I am as powerful as I am
Nothing you say will change my mind

I am not a boy and I am not a man
I am a teenager looking at the world
The world offering me little hope of succeeding
A world of possibility is the world we should be in
Allowed to learn from our mistakes and not just repeat them
I am the governor of myself
I will help you, I will help myself, I’ll do what is right and I’ll never lie
To help you is what I want to do
But I need someone as powerful as you to help me
We can learn together
Living together and learning together is my goal and so let it be told
I will be the most powerful man I know
With the help to make me so.