No Charges Against Video Activist Antonio Buehler

Apr 2, 2013

The Travis County District Attorney's Office announced Tuesday afternoon that a grand jury is not issuing felony indictments against Antonio Buehler or the Austin Police Officer who arrested him.

Buehler was arrested early on New Year’s Day of last year after saying APD officers were being overly aggressive with a woman accused of interfering with arrest.      

Officer Patrick Oborski said Buehler spit at him. Buehler said Oborski lied in his report.

The grand jury is declining to indict either of them on felony charges. Buehler is indicted on misdemeanor charges of failing to obey lawful orders.

Since the arrest, Buehler has become a civil rights activist and formed the group Peaceful Streets Project to educate people about their rights when encountering police.