Gas Prices Rise 14 Cents From Last Week

Feb 7, 2013

Gas prices are up. Across Texas, regular is up 14 cents this week, according to AAA's Fuel Gauge Price Report. In Austin, average prices were up by almost 15 cents to $3.36.

Oil analyst Tom Kloza says prices often rise and fall with the seasons, but these are the highest gas prices Americans have seen for this time of year.

“In the first quarter of every year, you see a lot of refining maintenance that knocks some refining down and tightens up gasoline during the next few months when we switch from winter to summer blend,” Kloza said.

Because of problems with ozone levels in the summertime, refineries use a different process in the warmer months. 

As of this post, the cheapest gas in Austin was $3.31 at a Shell off US 183 and Dee Gabriel Collins Rd. , according to