Former Speaker Craddick Falls at Committee Hearing

Mar 9, 2011

Former Speaker Tom Craddick fell to the ground during a House Transportation committee hearing this morning at the Capitol.  The Dallas Morning News is reporting Craddick was at the meeting to lay out his bill banning texting while driving when he apparently fainted and fell to the ground.

Craddick was reportedly alert and cracking jokes as he waited for EMS to arrive.  He was taken to Brackenridge Hospital for observation.  His office released this statement:

Representative Tom Craddick lost his balance and fell to his side, hitting his head as he fell while laying out a bill in the House Committee on Transportation today. 

Craddick has been rehabilitating a pain in his leg and recently taking pain medication for an infected tooth. He was sitting up and making jokes as he left the committee hearing room.

Craddick was transported to the hospital as a precautionary measure. EMS does not consider the situation serious.