Former Austinite's Memoir Not Your Usual Mother-Daughter Story

Mar 6, 2013

Domenica Ruta had a childhood some kids would envy- ice cream for breakfast; shopping trips and movies instead of school sometimes; no real rules at home. But for every dream moment like those, there were the nightmares, too - a drug addicted mother; the constant threat of violence; and the joking encouragement to become a teen mother.

Ruta takes readers on a rollercoaster ride through her life in her new memoir With or Without You. You might think she wishes things had been different- that perhaps her mother had been more like other mothers. Actually, Ruta says she wouldn't change a thing about her life. Listen to the full interview with Domenica Ruta to hear the good, the bad, and the ugly about life with her mother and the lessons she learned from it.