The Father

Apr 2, 2014

Read by Steve Wertheimer.

I am a father.
Yet secretly inside I am a boy of a young age.
Being a provider is hard, but
Keeping her happy is even harder –
She needs clothes, food and milk which I struggle to buy

Because I can’t live without her.
I did not know I would need any help.
She’d cry when she didn’t want me to leave
She’d say, “Daddy, please, please.”
I had to work but I couldn’t take her
Her mother left home after she had her
I am the only one she has so what can I do?
I try to give her everything, yet I can’t.
Once we played and she put a diaper on my head
I love my little girl I can’t let anything happen to her
Now she’s and sometimes ignores me and I always ask her nice,
“Why are you mad at me? I did nothing. I tried to keep you happy.”
She looks at me and yells “Why don’t you leave me alone?”
I don’t understand what’s going on
All I know is that being a father is super hard
Now I understand my father’s pain
All I can do is let her be okay
As a father I look at myself
I look like my father and perhaps I am.