The Daily Buzz at TIFF, Episode 9

Sep 24, 2015

Daily Buzz Producer/Host Irene Cho catches up with well-known Canadian movie critic/film writer-turned-director Katherine Monk and the subject of her documentary Rock the Box, Rhiannon Rozier (aka DJ Rhiannon) at the National Film Board of Canada (NFB) offices during the 40th Anniversary of the Toronto International Film Festival. This 10-minute short film explores the life of DJ Rhiannon and Electronic Dance Music (EDM), an industry primarily dominated by men, as DJ Rhiannon hits a glass ceiling in the $6.2 billion industry where woman DJs only represent nine percent of club bookings. We learn why Monk decided to dive into filmmaking and leave the world of journalism, follow DJ Rhiannon’s love for ‘90s UK dance music, meet other female DJs, and discover why Rozier choose to pose for Playboy Magazine and how it helped her reach Top 10 DJ status.