The Daily Buzz at Comic-Con: Episode 18

Jul 21, 2015

Daily Buzz tracked down Star Wars superfan Gary Dexter inside the San Diego Convention Center on the last day of the convention. This San Diego-based seasoned convention goer and self-proclaimed Star Wars nerd shares how he got access to the Holy Grail of panels this year, the STAR WARS panel inside Hall H. Dexter lined up a day and a half in advance of the scheduled panel time, slept outside on the sidewalk of the Hilton Hotel the night before to get the best seats inside the conference hall, and was one of the lucky ones to get a special wristband which allowed him access. Dexter reveals his strategy of how to get the best seats once inside, describes what the audience response and excitement was inside the auditorium, and tells us why Han Solo is his favorite Star Wars character.

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