Cursive in Danger

Apr 2, 2014

Read by Kathy Valentine.

A flashing red light,
Something is going on in the news,
What is happening?

“This just in,
Cursive is becoming extinct!
Cursive is dying!
Only a few use it,
What do you have to say, Cursive?”

“Please write more in cursive!”

“Well folks you heard it,
We have to use cursive ASAP!
Do it before it dies!
Before it’s too late!”

Oh no! This is horrible!
Cursive is innocent.
Cursive is beautiful,
Over and under, up, down,
It’s like tying a bow,
We are privileged to know it,
Why don’t we use it?
Schools no longer teach it,
Businesses, houses, actors,
They don’t write in cursive,
We must stand up,
Build up courage for cursive,

Save humanity!