City Measuring Austin's Tech Savviness With Paper Survey

Dec 2, 2010

The City of Austin is sending out 15,000 surveys to randomly selected people across town to find out what kind of technology they use.

The survey is not available online, only as a paper questionnaire, so that the results won't skew towards people with home internet access.

"It's mailed only just to keep it statistically sound," said Rondella Hawkins with the city's Telecommunications and Regulatory Affairs Office. Her office hosted a press conference this afternoon, hosted by City Council Member Laura Morrison, to raise awareness about the survey.

The last time the city did this kind of survey was in 1998. 

The data will be used by the city to better communicate with people who live in Austin, Hawkins said. It could also be used to identify areas of the city that lack technology resources. That could benefit people seeking funding to help eliminate the digital divide, Hawkins said.

People who respond to the survey will be entered in a drawing to win a netbook computer.