Gabriel C. Pérez

LIVE: Texans Vote In First Post-Trump Primary

Texas voters headed to the polls today in the nation’s first primary election since Donald Trump was elected president. Turnout has been higher this election, compared to the last midterm primary in 2014 ­– especially among those voting in the Democratic primary. High-profile Texas Republicans – including incumbents Gov. Greg Abbott and Sen. Ted Cruz – have suggested that turnout could translate into more momentum on that side heading into November.

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City Council Incumbents Still Lead in Fundraising

Apr 16, 2012

When we last checked in on fundraising by Austin City Council and mayoral candidates, the incumbents showed a huge fundraising advantage. And unsurprisingly,  recently filed "30 day out" campaign finance reports from the candidates show that's still the case.

Mayor Lee Leffingwell has about $104,000 cash on hand. Challenger Brigid Shea has about $53,000 remaining in her coffers. Mayoral candidate Clay Dafoe listed only $637 on hand.

Council member Mike Martinez holds a huge fundraising advantage over challenger Laura Pressley, with $92,000 remaining compared to her $4,100.

Dominic “Dom” Chavez has the most total cash of any challenger: $12,600. Tina Cannon has about $2,400. But both still lag behind Place 5 incumbent Bill Spelman’s $29,700.

Bundlers played a prominent role in the incumbents’ returns: Mayor Leffingwell named 11 bundlers in his returns; Shea named one.  Martinez and Cole named eight and five bundlers, respectively. Bundlers are individuals authorized to solicit funds from their contacts on a candidate’s behalf.

Early voting begins April 30, and Election Day is May 12.