Budget Delays Affecting UT Health Insurance Program

May 20, 2011

The University of Texas system has informed employees that several health insurance decisions are being put on hold while the Texas legislature tries to figure out how much money its willing to spend on higher education in the next budget.

The letter was followed by an e-mail to those in the UT System highlighting the immediate delays.

  • The typical July 1-July 31 timeframe for Annual Enrollment will likely be delayed and possibly shortened.
  • A state budget must be finalized and approved before UT Select medical plan rates and plan design changes effective September 1, 2011 can be established.

Higher ed funding appears to be the final shoe to drop in House/Senate negotiations on the state budget. The Senate wants to spend about $300 million more than the House. And possibly fund that increase with money from the state's so called Rainy Day Fund.

So far, there's been no change in negotiations. Both sides are still talking but no agreement is imminent.