Austin Energy Issuing Rebates For Electric Car Charging Stations

Mar 28, 2011

The city's public utility, Austin Energy, will issue its first rebate check tomorrow for a homeowner who installed an electric vehicle charging station. The rebates are worth up to $1,500. A "Level 2" charging station can be installed for about $2,400.

Level 2 charging stations can "fill up" a Nissan Leaf in six to eight hours, and charge a Chevy Volt in three to four hours, according to Austin Energy. The utility says it costs about 2.5 cents per mile to run an electric vehicle on Austin Energy's electricity.

Anyone who receives an Austin Energy's rebate for a charging station must also take part in a three year program to study the impact of electric vehicles on the city's energy grid.

Austin Energy has a press conference scheduled for tomorrow at 11:30 am to present the rebate check and show the charging station in the homeowner's garage. 

The US Department of Energy maintains a list of incentives in Texas for buying and using alternative fuel vehicles.